Finding Hope Online

If we don't provide the Christ-centered answers to life's questions online, someone else will...

  • Reaching Beyond
    Borders & Boundaries

    With the online message of Jesus we can meet people wherever they are.
  • Our Purpose

    The internet can extend to the far reaches of the world, moving beyond human boarders and barriers bringing the life transforming message of Jesus to hurting and searching people wherever they are. For many people, finding hope online may be the first and only place they look. If we don’t provide Christ-centered answers to life’s pressing questions online, they will fall prey to the numerous misguided answers the internet has to offer. It is imperative the gospel meets them first.
  • Our Vision

    To see hurting and searching people discover new life in Christ through internet witness and find their way into discipling communities that strengthen their faith and empower them to become fully devoted followers of Christ.
  • Our Mission

    Is to offer Christ-centered hope to hurting and searching people by presenting online spiritual solutions to life's problems and connecting visitors to a caring Christian community
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Why Internet Missions

The gospel made available on the internet can cross borders and boundaries finding hurting and searching people where they are.

When someone is in need they often turn to the internet for answers – a job layoff, family issues, addiction, broken relationship and the list can go on. Situations like these create a desire for change and an open door for discovering the message of new life in Jesus Christ. Once they realize their need for Jesus' help, we connect them to a 121 Connections volunteer who will help move them from their "search to a church!"

It Works!

Nearly 32 million visitors have already visited our websites

cost effective

$1 of advertising reaches 15 people


Our websites are available in multiple languages


Hurting and searching people use the Internet to find answers and discover hope and life in Jesus

needs driven
Needs Driven

Our websites deal with universal life-issues that help them live better lives


PROJECT 100Million

Reaching 100 Million People Online

The team at Network211 is working to make Jesus' message available to 100Million people around the world through Project 100Million.
Our initial effort, Project 10Million, presented Jesus 10Million times in just five years!

good news websites
Good News Websites

Each of our good news websites offers visitors opportunities to accept Christ as their savior


informational websites
Informational Websites

We offer visitors reliable information for medical issues, cultural issues and many major life concerns.

discipleship websites
Discipleship Websites

We offer discipleship opportunities and resources to ensure new believers grow in their faith.


How We Use Google to Spread the Gospel

Hurting people search “Google” for answers to life’s hardest questions.

By using sponsored ads on Google we help hurting and searching people discover hope and new life in Jesus. Our websites feature personal stories of changed lives that explain God’s solutions to life’s biggest challenges.

p100m chart

Response Progress Around the World

So far, we have seen people from 244 nations and territories respond to our online messages. Here is a 30 day glimpse into where those making evangelism responses came from:
1,830 worldwide inquires in the last 30 days

30 day graph