Internet missions might be a new idea for you. So what do we do?  Our goal is to reach people who are hurting and searching. Often they look online for answers. Network211 sponsors box ads on Google that direct people who face issues like anxiety, fear and despair to evangelistic websites that offer Christ's hope. We do this in a variety of languages. Check out  and to see examples of our evangelism and discipleship sites.

Sound simple? It's not!  Every day, we compete against other groups and individuals who use Google AdWords to get potential visitors to their sites. We create adword campaigns to try and motivate visitors to navigate our sites. Once there, we use interesting videos and articles to introduce people to Jesus Christ. But, that is not enough. We want to help new believers grow in faith and connect to local churches.

As Director of Evangelism and Content, I work in all areas of website development, content and translation to ensure that visitors find the answers they need in Christ.